Converting Quantum DATASTOR Shield to Enterprise Protection Server

Quantum DATASTOR Shield software may be converted to DATASTOR Enterprise Protection Server (EPS) while retaining the existing configuration in its entirety. Protection Plans, schedules, archives, retention settings, stores and vaults, and store tasks will all be retained.

Steps for conversion on the same computer

  • Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features
  • Find the Quantum DATASTOR Shield software in the list, and double click it. This will start the wizard to remove the software.
Remove Quantum DATASTOR Shield
  • Choose the remove radio button but leave the checkbox to 'completely remove' the software unchecked. This way, your settings will remain intact.
  • Click Next, then Finish.
  • Once removed, run the setup file for the Enterprise edition of the software. You can find the download link for the setup file in the license certificate you received with your purchase, or request one from support. Setup will automatically find and use the Quantum installation folder with your settings.

The Archive Manager User interface will open with a license agreement to accept and then the option to add licenses. Enter the Manager license first and activate it. Then, proceed with any other licenses.

Review the Archive Manager interface to confirm the original settings are in place.