How to Interpret Plan Status: “System Cannot Find the File Specified”

In the results view of a protection plan you may see a status error that states “System cannot find the file specified”. The protection plan will not have run on its last attempt.

There have been reports in the field that if the scheduled task properties are opened, the task is edited in some way, and then saved again by clicking the OK button and entering credentials, that the error has been resolved. Try this first.

The error indicates that the Scheduled Task on the remote computer cannot find the "Start In" directory or the remote accelerator executable, or does not have permission to access the share. The plan status pane on the details node of Archive Manager displays the exit code of the Scheduled Task on the remote server. The message that it cannot find the file specified originates on the remote server. The remote server is trying to access the remote accelerator binary through a network share on the DATASTOR Server at \\[dataStor Server]\AIQRemote$. The share is an administrative share that requires local administrator permissions to access.

If the plan has never run successfully, log on to the remote computer with the account used to run the plan. Click Start, Run and enter the UNC path to the DATASTOR server in the format \\[dataStor Server]\AIQRemote$. If unsuccessful, make sure the Scheduled Task Run As field contains a domain account with Domain Admins group membership.

If the plan usually runs, it is likely that network communication was interrupted at the time of the plan run. Check to make sure you can ping the DATASTOR server by its computer name from the remote server. If not, check DNS and WINS settings, and that DNS servers are available. At a command prompt you may flush dns entries by typing: ipconfig /flushdns and hitting enter. If you are able to ping the DATASTOR server by computer name make sure the DATASTOR Server was not shut down during the scheduled task run time, and that no network outages were experienced during the scheduled task run time. Resolve these issues for reliability of future plan runs.