How to Restore a Filtered File or Folder

The Point-In-Time Explorer filters the display of files and folders that exceed the maximum path length supported by WebDAV. This does not effect the backup of files and folders with long paths but does impact the display of files and folders in the Point-In-Time Explorer once the limit of long paths is reached. See image:

Filtered List in Point-In-Time Explorer

Compare to list of files in Windows File Explorer

Unfiltered List in Windows File Explorer

If the Point-In-Time explorer has filtered a long path it will be logged in ArchiveIQViewStor.log, located in the software installation folder. The log may be opened in notepad. See an example entry below.

2020-10-01 11:54:43,416 [20] DEBUG ArchiveIQViewStor [(null)] - Filtering a long path to prevent problems with WebClient interoperability. /VS/~61039430/D/Datatransfer/R%20Drive/DATA_R/QUOTE%20AND%20PROJECT%20REGISTER/Quote%20%26%20Project%20Data/Inmetmatic%20(Mexico)/2020%20Quotes/F12220%20-GM%20BEV%203/Quote%20Sheets%20%26%20Writeups/Pricing%20Breakdowns%20for%20Oscar.pdf

To restore files and folders with long paths, right click the last folder displayed in the Point-in-Time Explorer, then select restore. All the files, folders and subfiles and subfolders will be restored correctly. In the example above, the last folder displayed is 'Quote Sheets & Writeups'.