DATASTOR Shield™ Scalable Protection Server 9.0 Release Notes

This document contains the release notes for DATASTOR Shield™ Scalable Protection Server version 9.0. The latest update is 9.0.2824.1 and was released on June 18, 2021.


Below is the list of issues that have been resolved in each publicly released build.

Resolved in build 9.0.2824.1 - June 18, 2021

  • Added logic to track archive operation code during multi-process archiving
  • Added Quantum tape identification to include "Quantum" plus either "Ultrium" or "LTO" to address support issue on some older Quanutm LTO tape models
  • Added logic to identify all tape drives and tape libraries (changers)
  • Added logic for detecting vmware virtual machine
  • Added check for vmware virtual machine
  • Added logic for validating software license as part of the Software update check
  • Added LicenseAlreadyInUse and VersionNotLicensed activation error codes
  • Added LicenseAlreadyInUse and VersionNotLicensed alerts
  • Added HTML help files for all languages
  • Added override of DefaultCacheVolumeCapacityGB
  • Added Signature V4 mods to support additional data centers
  • Added logic update/record license validation
  • Added quick scan option to search for segment numbers in .ndx and index*.dat files
  • Fixed issue related to VSS Snapshot error: Security must be initialized before any interfaces are marshalled or unmarshalled. It cannot be changed once initialized.
  • Fixed issue where free space remaining reported is different that actual (computed) space remaining
  • Fixed issue reverse iteration logic when deleting files and folder using -mirror restore (regression)
  • Fixed issue reporting tape drive information
  • Fixed issue during debug scan for medium changers
  • Fixed issue with check for Quantum software compatibility during license add
  • Fixed issue with expiration restore back from recycle bin
  • Fixed issue with MultipleDeleteObject from cloud with v4 header
  • Fixed up reference to obsolete EU data center
  • Improved reporting of tape device properties
  • Improved Tape media full handling so that media with with less than 1/128 capacity is now treated as "full"
  • Updated Data center support to include expanded set of locations
  • Removed old-style bucket name query
  • Improved CoInitialize / CoInitializeSecurity usage to address error handling and standardized MULTITHREADED usage
  • Improved impersonation with dynamic cloaking on Windows 8 or greater
  • Improved exception handling
  • Updated translations for Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese
  • Updated Copyright 2021
  • Various other stability and performance improvements

Resolved in build 9.0.2593.1 - October 30, 2020

  • Added Cloud Storage key types for cloud vaulting service
  • Added DATASTOR_LCID environment var for Setup language selection override
  • Added EFI boot mode detection for System Recovery
  • Added explicit Eval days to banner
  • Added logic for improved monitoring of cache and write throttling when vaulting to cloud
  • Added logic to improve LTO Tape free space utilization with registry overrides
  • Added logic to require Quantum LTO Tape for OEM software release
  • Added logic to test access rights to Store for improved security against ransomware attacks
  • Added -repairmissing option to ARCHIVE/OBJECTSTORE VERIFY commands to repair missing information from configured backing store
  • Added rolling base year logic for keys with hard end-dates
  • Added system information and detection including boot mode for improved system recovery
  • Added trace statement to display expected record reference address
  • Added trace statements to track EDB check times
  • Added Windows 10 Dev Kit Support for WinPE 10 plus additional drivers for System Recovery
  • Disabled saving partial archive history results to reduce Task.history size and improve UI performance
  • Fixed handling of errors with file exclusion dialog
  • Fixed issue restoring files to long paths in multi-threaded restore mode
  • Fixed issue with clean up of bcd boot info temp files
  • Fixed issue with verifying and rebuilding task history files when corruptions are detected
  • Fixed link selection handling in System Recovery wizard
  • Fixed pre-req message for Server 2016 / 2019 software install
  • Improved handling of Boot Mode detection using new SystemInfo.xml file stored with restorepoint
  • Improved handling of ReportEvent errors on WinPE based systems during System Recovery
  • Improved logic for handling large Task.history file parsing
  • Improved LTO Tape reformat logic for compatibility with Quantum tape drivers to clean multi-partitioned tapes used with LTFS
  • Replaced default SRE to use UEFI based boot files
  • Updated -showlongpaths option to 220 chars for reporting long path during file system scan
  • Updated Spanish, Italian, German, French, Setup translations
  • Various other stability and performance improvements

Resolved in build 9.0.2370.1 - March 21, 2020

  • Added "HPE RDX" to supported RDX models
  • Added breadcrumb of Product Name to logfile banner
  • Added exclusion of Delivery Optimization Files to System Exclusions
  • Added feature to auto-repair missing blobs from a configured backing store
  • Added feature to exclude unneeded volumes referenced by Computer System plan system state
  • Added feature to perform multi-threaded level-3 verify
  • Added feature to rebuild archive task history if corrupted or missing
  • Added -histogram option to scan for reporting file size distribution
  • Added -local switch for dataset delete to remove local segments without requesting cloud delete
  • Added logic for faster store delete
  • Added logic for quarantining Task History files
  • Added logic to increment the reference count of deleted duplicate elements
  • Added reference for MSSQL 2019
  • Added usage for -partitions for erase volume command
  • Fixed errors reported when indexing catalogs with records for user encrypted files and folders during level 2 verify
  • Fixed issue where Content Cache was not correctly expiring data
  • Fixed issue with blocky rendering of startup task options when Display Scaling reset to value other that 100%
  • Fixed parameter usage for usesecureconnection
  • Fixed issue to replace absolute path with relative Configurations paths for SystemExcludes.xml plan file
  • Fixed issue where DataSet folder was not removed for dataset delete operation
  • Fixed issue where not all files for a point-in-time are deleted or restored from the recycle-bin
  • Improved handling for removing system files
  • Improved large sparse block file handling (for files like Windows Search Windows.edb)
  • Improved log message when reading corrupted history file
  • Improved messaging for low free space conditions
  • Improved 'RequestAction' to handle potential race condition on cloud request
  • Improved retry handling of ERROR_CRC and ERROR_SEM_TIMOUT
  • Lowered boost multiplier to use less CPU resource by default
  • Mods for better tracking of usage of security streams
  • Mods for loading XML fragments and converting to canonical form
  • Mods for tracking ObjectIds, Security stream, Long paths
  • Removed diagnostic messaging for affirming base blob resolution (DIAG_EVT)
  • Updated to copyright and patents notices
  • Updates to eval, support, product and purchase URL's
  • Updates to Help.chm

Resolved in build 9.0.2045.1 - May 1, 2019

  • Fix for v1 scheduler fails to end task, switched logic to v2 scheduler
  • Added Checkup Report notice for "hidden" plans
  • Added Checkup Report list of configured plans
  • Fixed issue with region date/time setting causing inconsistency in Checkup Report
  • Fixed issue with XML Checkup Report export using region setting for data/time values
  • Fixed issue with missing items XML Checkup Report export
  • Added better handling for reporting Offline media
  • Added reference identification for MSSQL 2017
  • Added support for 'Lenovo RDX' branded device
  • Fixed objectstore copy -item with compounding address stores
  • Mods for automated blob repair from backing store
  • Fixed link to Release Notes

Resolved in build 9.0.1800.1 - August 29, 2018

  • Fixed issue where content validation during backup is reporting zero byte 'size error' when running a Protection Plan that targets older version 8.0 formatted Stores (newer version 9.0 formatted Stores are not impacted by this issue). This is a recommended upgrade for users of build 9.0.1500.1 or later with Stores created with version 8.0 or earlier which had never been upgraded to the version 9.0 format (not common).

Resolved in build 9.0.1650.1 - April 2, 2018

  • Sets default schedule task priority to 'Normal' for improved backup performance
  • Added aiqutil command option to bulk update schedule task priority
  • Fixed issue with intermittent restore failures on large files introduced in build 9.0.839.1 (to address this issue users of build 9.0.839.1 or greater should upgrade to build 9.0.1650.1 or later)
  • Fixed issue with code signing SRE component
  • Various other product stability enhancements
  • Synchronized SRE with this release

Resolved in build 9.0.1500.1 - November 2, 2017

  • Added support for LTO8 Tape Format (including support for M8 up-formatted media)
  • Added support for bandwidth throttling for Store Copy tasks
  • Improved Checkup Report to better show summary statistics, highlight partial or incomplete archives, better handle read-only archives in error state
  • Fixed issue with Checkup Report of Task Scheduler Refussed Request (0x800710e0) and Task Alread Running (0x0041301) errors
  • Various other product stability enhancements

Resolved in build 9.0.1315.1 - May 1, 2017

  • Windows Server 2016 setup and installation support (including updated translations for French, German, Italian)
  • Fixed issue with inconsistencies creating a store vault (for tape or cloud)

Resolved in build 9.0.1221.1 - January 27, 2017

  • Fixed issue where SQL 2016 databases were not detected

Resolved in build 9.0.1130.1 - October 28, 2016

  • Fix for issue: 'Unable to contact the update server at this time. Please try again later.'

Resolved in build 9.0.1109.1 - October 7, 2017

  • Updated translations for French, German, and Italian

Resolved in build 9.0.1101.1 - September 29, 2016

  • Disabled multi-threaded restore for older platforms (Windows 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 7 SP1 and older) due to system hang issues - see also
  • Checkup Report enhancements
    • New option to email the Checkup Report to add alternate recipients when errors or warnings are detected by the daily Checkup Report. This is helpful, for example, to automatically send the Checkup Report to a ticketing system or escalate the issue to management.
    • A new summary section at the top of the report will highlight key stats like how many plans are configured to run and how many actually ran and if there were any errors encountered during the last run. The compact summary is designed for quick review, so if everything is running normally, there’s no need to dive into the full report.
    • The Servers not Reachable section is a short list of servers that are configured, but not reachable during checkup report generation and do not have any plan results within the last 24 hours. These may need immediate attention.
    • Elapsed plan runtime has been added to the Protection Plan Summary section.  Plans with unusually long or short runtimes can be more quickly identified.
    • The Store section now includes statistics for Total Managed data, New and Changed content and New stored data as well as a column showing total quarantined items, content repaired, and new quarantined items. A sudden increase in quarantined items can be an early indication of issues with storage or network devices.
    • The Store Task section includes a short description of the work done; content verified, disk space reclaimed from a Purge tasks, or bytes copied to another store; useful for confirming certain tasks are completing their expected workload.
    • A new Archive Summary section shows the status of every archive and includes information about the last known restore point and current status: Available, Verified, Unavailable, etc. Archives older than a day (midnight on the previous day) are highlighted to better show those that may be unexpectedly out-of-date.
  • Fixed issue where SRE was not correctly detecting BIOS boot environment on dual boot images
  • Fixed issue where SRE percent complete control triggered exception
  • Added common Intel Pro v21.0 Ethernet Drivers to 32 bit and 64 bit SRE ISO images
  • Disabled "Press any key to boot from CD/DVD" for SRE boot
  • Improved cache usage for plan histories
  • Improved support for ReFS managed volumes and stores

Resolved in build 9.0.986.1 - June 6, 2016

  • Improved error handling for multi-part restore
  • Added path size and filename size counters and max values for tracking long path names
  • Fixed issue where Copy Task was reporting file size errors for encrypted files
  • Fixed x64 boot failure. Removed DotNet package which was causing BSOD on some systems
  • Fixed x64 SRE startup failure. Added correct platform version for SREWizard and aiqremote64.exe

Resolved in build 9.0.906.1 - March 23, 2016

  • Improved suspend/resume handling for Copy and Verify tasks during Purge operations
  • Fixed issue where "Waiting on access to the store" message was not being cleared after purge completes
  • Fixed issue where an unexpected overwrite of index was detected
  • Improved report of errors and warnings during Verify task
  • Added recheck of Quarantined Items and restore/repair during Verify task
  • Added read retries for non-eof zero length reads which was causing blobs to be quarantined under certain conidition (not common)
  • Fixed issue where large missing.catalog results were not being displayed
  • Improved Purge task performance when deleting content under exclusive store lock
  • Improved handling of corrupt catalogs and reference files during Purge task
  • Disabled rebuilds of Index2 during verify to improve baseline store Verify performance
  • Reverted redirect URL's for SRE and product Update to us bypass redirection. This was causing SRE and Update failures.
  • Added new System Recovery Environment (SRE) based on WinPE 10 (Windows 10) for improved bare metal device detection and handling
  • Fixed issue where erroneous restore point index updates were being reported during Store Verify task
  • Fixed SRE crash when getting drive layout on WinPE 10
  • Fixed issue with baseline store Copy task running out of memory under certain conditions
  • Added recycle bin cleanup report to Purge log
  • Improved Purge log to more clearly show space reclaimed
  • Fixed issue where certain extended Ascii codes in filenames were being filtered out
  • Fixed issue where DEL chars in filenames were being filtered out. The DEL char is a valid Windows file name character

Resolved in build 9.0.839.1 - January 11, 2016

  • 8.0 purge tasks returning error after upgrade to 9.0
  • Delta blobs with missing base are not quarantined when using MFT Fast Content Scan
  • Updated translations for German, French and Italian
  • Incorrect where-to-buy link
  • Enhancement: Add Activated On section to the UI to easily identify customers that are in support
  • Cannot quarantine blob - bad syntax
  • Repaired quarantined items in version 8 store not getting green flag
  • Fix for terms referencing SSL which should say 'Use secure connection'
  • RunTimePhase pass-through parameters need translation
  • Fix for "Everything" plan failing with file not found errors
  • Fix API not supported on Windows 2000
  • Enhancement for large file multi-part threaded restore
  • Fix for Change Journal being checked on non-NTFS volumes
  • Fix for excluded volumes that were still being selected for volume snapshots
  • Fix for Store marked as converted after warnings
  • Fix for bad chars written to XML
  • Some controls not loading all translated text

Resolved in build 9.0.717.1 (first 9.0 public release) - September 11, 2015

  • 146 issues have been resolved since version 8.0

What's New in 9.0?

Below is a list of the enhancements that have been added to the version 9.0 release since the 8.0 release of the software.

Performance Enhancements*

  • New Store architecture significantly improves performance of store tasks and protection plans.
  • Store Purge tasks run up to ten times faster that in previous versions of the software.
  • Store Copy and Verify tasks run up to four times faster than in previous versions of the software.
  • Protection Plans run up to 30% faster than in previous versions of the software.
  • Previous-version ("legacy") stores can easily be converted by clicking a button on the store's Property page

*Please see important upgrade information in the Installation and Upgrade Notes section below.

Slipstream Restore

  • A new Scheduled Restore task-type allows for keeping a mirror image of a computer (or VM) for standby recovery or DR testing.

Windows Scheduler 2.0 Integration

  • Allows for advanced triggers, actions, and conditions to be configured for scheduled tasks.
  • Scheduled tasks can be executed from Powershell scripts.
  • A task can be configured to wake a computer from sleep or hibernation, or a task can be attached to a specific system event. For example, a Purge task could be configured to run when disk space gets low.

Standalone Tape Drive Support

  • Allows for vaulting to standalone tape devices with similar capability as the current tape autoloader support.

LTFS Integration

  • Use LTO tape for storing archived data.
  • Use LTO tape as a restore target.

Volume Sets

  • A new tape grouping called a Volume Set lets you group tapes together. Vaulting tasks are associated with Volume Sets rather than tape devices as in previous releases of the software. More than one vaulting task can target a volume set.

Storage node redesign

  • The layout of the Storage node in the Archive Manager user interface is more logical.

Installation and Upgrade Notes

You must be running version 5.0 or later DATASTOR Shield™ Scalable Protection Server prior to upgrading.

  1. Download DATASTOR Shield™ Scalable Protection Server to a folder on your hard drive and then double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation/upgrade.
  2. Follow the installation/upgrade wizard prompts to completion.

Important upgrade information

To take advantage of the new Store architecture, existing stores must be converted. To convert a store simply open its Properties page from the Archive Manager user interface and click the Improve storage performance button and then the Convert now button. The Improve storage performance button is only visible for stores that have not been converted or have only been partially converted.

Stores with Store Copy tasks must be of the same architecture. In other words, if you convert one store then the other must be converted too. Also, if the source and destination stores are on different Archive Manager servers the following applies: Whereas in the past it was recommended to pull data from the source store, with the new architecture it is recommended to push the data to the destination store. This is because the data is verified prior to copying and the verification is fastest if done locally. Once a store task has been created the source and destination stores cannot be swapped so a new task must be created.

A new System Recovery Environment (SRE) 9.0 image file must be used for system recovery (BMR) after store conversion. To download the 9.0 SRE image, open Archive Manager, then 'Save System Recovery Environment'. If you have previously downloaded one of the 8.0 SRE image files, you will have to remove the SRE image files from the SRE folder before the new 9.0 SRE image file becomes available for download. Please use Windows Explorer to navigate to the software installation folder, then the SRE subfolder. Move or delete the 8.0 SRE image files, then return to 'Save System Recovery Environment' and the SRE 9.0 image file will become available for download.

Minimum System Recommendations

Windows Server 2008 R2, CPU 2 GHz or faster CPU, 8 GB RAM, 60 MB disk space for installation