Gaining 30 Day Access to DATASTOR Shield Professional Software

DATASTOR Shield Professional grants a 30 day period of access to the software before license activation is required. Your production license key is required. The software is fully functional during this period. Access may facilitate data recovery in a disaster recovery scenario. 

If the license has already been activated the maximum number of times, contact support during the 30 day period and request license reactivation and provide the customer name and license keystring to support. License reactivation is permitted for customers with an active support agreement only.

Here are the steps:

1) Install the software. Run the DATASTOR Shield Professional setup file to install the software.
2) Start the software. When prompted, click the button to add a license key.

3) Enter the production license

4) When prompted, click the button 'Ask me later'

5) The software opens and is usable for 30 days. Each time you open the software during the 30 days you will be prompted to activate the license and can click 'Ask me later' and the software will be usable.

You should send in a license reactivation request to 

[email protected]

Upon approval you will be notified the key is ready to activate. At that time, click the Help button, then click the 'Activate license' link to activate over the Internet.