Resolving SQL Snapshot Error with EventID 24581


The SQL databases plan type ends with an error. The plan log indicates an error creating a VSS snapshot with the SQL writer.

ERROR: SQL snapshot was not created, there was nothing to backup for the db specified. 

In addition, the server running the plan logs event 24581.

Source : SQLWriter 
EventID : 24581 
"Sqllib error: System table sys.sysdatabases in SQL Server instance <Server\Instance> is empty."

Issue and Resolution

The SYSTEM account may not have permission to access databases. To resolve the issue, add the sysadmin role to the SYSTEM account. 

  • On the SQL server, open a command prompt as administrator. Type each line below.

use master
sp_addsrvrolemember 'NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM','sysadmin'

  • Type services.msc and hit enter. In the services console, find and restart the SQL Server service and the SQL Writer service.