Plan ends with 0xc0000006 error

0xc0000006 is a STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR, indicating a problem occurred attempting to read a page of the ArchiveIQLaunch.exe executable. This file is hosted on a network share.

The plan error may occur when you attempt to run a remote computer protection plan during or after a network interruption, after the plan had been running ok. Typically, the plan scheduled task started, the executable was found on the network, but the memory mapped version of the executable could not load on demand.

To reduce the occurence of this error, ensure your network and hosted share is stable.

To workaround the issue, clear the system cache on the remote computer running the plan. Rebooting the server will clear the system cache. If it is not feasible to reboot the server in the near term, you may edit the plan's scheduled task. On the Actions tab, edit the existing action. Replace ArchiveIQLaunch.exe with ArchiveIQLaunch2.exe. Save the edit and enter credentials if prompted. Then, navigate to the DATASTOR installation folder and navigate to the Remote subfolder. There, copy and paste the ArchiveIQLaunch.exe file into the same folder, and rename the copied file to ArchiveIQLaunch2.exe.