Plan log indicates Application is being canceled by the user

The protection plan log may indicate that a plan was canceled by the user, but the user may feel he or she did not intend to cancel the plan.

The plan log indicates: Application is being canceled by the user. The operation was canceled by the user. (1223L)

There are three known reasons the plan may end with message 'Application is being canceled by the user':

  1. The administrator clicks the 'end' link while the plan is running in Archive Manager to cancel the plan.
  2. A remote desktop session is started that connects to the protected computer. The backup account is used to log onto the remote desktop session. The plan's scheduled task runs. The user logs off the remote desktop session while the scheduled task is running. This series of steps causes the processes running under the backup account to end, including the backup processes. We recommend setting up a backup service account to ensure this behavior does not occur. Using a service account with DATASTOR
  3. The scheduled task used to run the plan is set to end the task after some number of hours, and that number of hours is reached. To remove this setting, open Task Scheduler, click on Task Scheduler Library folder in the left pane, then double click ArchiveTask - {[plan UID]} in the center pane. On the General tab, set the 'Configure for:' drop down box to the correct operating system. Do not use XP/2003. Next, click on the Settings tab. Note the checkbox 'Stop the task if it runs longer than'. If checked, uncheck the box, then click OK to save the change. The setting change will not save correctly if the task is configured for XP/2003 on the General tab.