SQL Cluster Plan Returns 0xfffffffff

1. In a SQL cluster environment, the SQLPrep.exe binary does not run automatically. SQLPrep.exe checks for SQL 2008 Management Objects, SQL CLR Types, and XML Core 6.0. If not installed, these applications are installed on the SQL server. Run SQLPrep.exe.

  • Copy SQLPrep.exe to the local drive of the SQL Server.
  • Open a command prompt with admin privileges
  • Change to the directory that contains SQLPrep.exe
  • Type SQLPrep.exe ACCESSDIR=\\[EPS Server Name]\AIQRemote$

2. Manually create the scheduled task for the SQL protection plan. If the task returns 0xffffffff in the Last Result column, remove and re-enter the additional arguments in the Add Arguments field of the Action tab of the Scheduled Task. Make sure there are no extra blank spaces. Save and run the plan again.

3. Check to see whether SQLPlanLaunch.exe is opened multiple times by remote computers in the network running SQL plans. Wait until those open handles close to run the plan again.