The directory name is invalid error

In Archive Manager the plan status may indicate 'The directory name is invalid'. The scheduled task last result may indicate 0x8007010b.

Typically, the message 'the directory name is invalid' means the remote computer cannot find the store on the network or does not have permission to access it. A second possibility is that the remote computer cannot find the AIQRemote$ share on the Archive Manager server.

1. Log onto the remote computer with the account set to run the protection plan. 

2. Open Windows File Explorer and try to access the UNC path to the store. You can get this path from the store properties page in Archive Manager.

3. Next, try to access the UNC path to the AIQRemote$ share, e.g. in the format \\[server name]\AIQRemote$.

4. Try to ping the Archive Manager server. Confirm the IP address is correct.

You may need to resolve a network issue, such as a DNS host record that contains an invalid IP address, or a bad switch port. 

Infrequently, the plan may end with 'the directory name is invalid' error when the scheduled task is configured for Server 2008 through Server 2012, even though the steps above are successful. In this case, edit the schedule of the plan through Archive Manager > Remote Computers > [the computer] > protection plans action > edit schedule action. Set the Configure for: field to 'Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, or Windows 2000'. See image.

Click OK to save the change.

Server 2012 - Invalid Directory Configure for 2003.png