Viewstor Error - The Workstation Driver is Not Installed

ViewStor Explorer, aka Point-In-Time Explorer, presents a browsable view of an archive restore point in a Windows Explorer like interface.

From it you can drill into the folder structure of protected directories, and drag and drop or restore files and directories, for data recovery.

To access ViewStor Explorer, open Archive Manager, select a Store, expand it, select the Archives folder, expand it, and select your desired archive. In the Actions pane, select the Restore action. In the center pane, select the calendar date you desire, select the restore point, then select the Explore button.

When you click on the Explore button you may receive the following error:
An Error ocurred while connecting to The workstation driver is not installed. Either the Viewstor service or Web Client services are not running.

Viewstor presents a virtual file system by reading an xml file and displaying the folders and files listed there in a window. Viewstor integrates with WebDAV and treats the xml file as a web file system with read only access. If WebDAV becomes non-responsive, Viewstor will not be able to display the restore point.

Restart webclient at the command line using the following commands:


Once the services start successfully, try to explore the restore point again.