ViewStor Service Does Not Start After Upgrading OS From Windows XP or 2003

The ViewStor service fails to start after upgrading your installation server from Windows XP or Server 2003 to a newer operating system.

The ViewStor service depends on the HTTP service. On Windows XP and Server 2003, this service is called HTTPFilter. On newer operating systems the service is called HTTP. The ViewStor service dependency needs to be changed from HTTPFilter to HTTP.

By running the Repair option, the software will detect the new operating system and automatically adjust the ViewStor service dependency as needed.

  1. Open Add/Remove Programs (appwiz.cpl) and double-click the DATASTOR product name to start the Maintenance Wizard.
  2. With the Repair option selected, click Next two times to begin the repair.
  3. Click Finish on the completion screen to close the Maintenance Wizard.
  4. Launch the application. This will automatically start the ViewStor service.