Unresolved or missing items logged during vaulting task

How to resolve recurring vaulting warnings

You may see warnings and errors in the status of your vaulting task results, history, or checkup report. The vaulting log may contain one or more errors like the one below:

Calculating updates for index 'G:\ObjectStore{abdd2d3c-2b71-4819-999c-271fed57d7b9}\Archives\Plan{9838b030-2e3c-4dcb-95ea-f1a71f5e225d}\~20180624.0.173003.919.index{390a6e9a-949d-430a-b03d-81bc7735ee0c}.ndx' (0.641 seconds) - 215 unresolved of 1,003,370 total items.

WARNING: Index 'G:\ObjectStore{abdd2d3c-2b71-4819-999c-271fed57d7b9}\Archives\Plan{9838b030-2e3c-4dcb-95ea-f1a71f5e225d}\~20180624.0.173003.919.index{390a6e9a-949d-430a-b03d-81bc7735ee0c}.ndx' has 215 missing items.

In this case the vaulting process had an issue with unresolved items from a June 24 restore point index as noted in the log. The datestamp is in the name of the index file in format YYYYMMDD:


The vaulting process will continue to note the unresolved items from the June 24 restore point as it continues to run on its schedule. To resolve the message, set the vault settings to only vault the most recent restore point, which could be appropriate when scheduling daily vaulting, or set the start date of a date range to a date later than the index datestamp, for example, to resolve the warning with the June 24, 2018 index set the start date to June 25, 2018 so the problem restore point index is no longer processed.

To set the recovery point date range, click on Archive Manager > Storage > All Stores > the store in the left pane, then click Store Tasks in the right pane, then highlight the vaulting task in the center pane. Now, click Task Settings... in the right pane. On the Task Settings property page, click the Recovery Points tab, then choose the second radio button to 'Vault recovery points within a date range'. Check the box 'From start date' and enter a date newer than the datestamp in the index name in the log. Do not set an end date. Click OK to save the change.

  • See our kb on store verify recommendations to bring the store into a consistent state.
  • Make sure you do not purge data that has not yet vaulted to tape or cloud storage.