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Archive Manager Crashes in Terminal Session When Editing Plan Settings

On Windows 2008, Error reads: Load Error: An error occurred loading the plan folders. Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\[user account]\AppData\Local\Temp\1\[random tmp file]'.

On Windows 2003, the path is C:\Documents and Settings\[user account]\Local Settings\Temp\1\[random tmp file].

To reproduce:

  1. Log on to the Archive Manager server with Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. A temp folder with a numeral will be created for this terminal session in either of the two paths above. Delete the temp folder from a console session.
  3. From the Remote Desktop Connection, open Archive Manager, select a plan, select properties, and select the folders tab. The error results.
  4. Also, the Advanced Settings will not appear and the history for the plan will not appear.

A terminal session will create a numeric temp folder for its use. If the temp folder is deleted, for example by a cleanup script, the software still expects the temp folder to exist and the system gives an error that the temp path is missing.

Log off the terminal session running Archive Manager and log on again.