Firewall ports required for communication

Here is a list of firewall ports that need to be open for the Enterprise Archive Manager and remote computers to communicate.

Inbound and outbound
UDP port 445 Microsoft Common Internet File System (CIFS) for file sharing.
UDP/137 - used by nmbd
UDP/138 - used by nmbd
TCP/139 - used by smbd
TCP/445 - used by smbd
GUI – needs to be able to remotely query and manage scheduled tasks using WMI (COM). Requires ports 1024 – 65535 open since a WMI port is randomly selected.
SQL may have additional requirements for ports:
Inbound and outbound
TCP port 1433 SQL Server. By default, instances of SQL Server use TCP port 1433. Also, UDP Port 1434

For the remote computer, the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security must have inbound rules configured for the appropriate profile (if on a domain, then the domain profile). Allow File and Printer Sharing, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Core Networking, Remote Event Log Management, and Remote Scheduled Tasks Management.

Other required services and permissions may prevent communication. This article refers simply to firewall ports.