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Plan result shows 0x00000005 Access is Denied warning

The 0x00000005 Access is Denied warning may result from insufficient permissions granted to the service account that runs the protection plan, or if permissions are correct, due to antivirus software that prevents one or more files from being scanned during the backup.

When a protection plan ends with warning 0x00000005, Access is Denied, the error code may be seen in the checkup report under the table 'Protection Plans that are Running or ended with Errors and Warnings'. The error code may be seen in the result column of the plan entry. See below.

As well, the protection plan log may indicate one or more specific files that were skipped with the same error code. See below.

WARNING: Cannot archive D:\Section_3\Documents\downled docs\OffercastInstaller_AVR_U-0038-01-L_.exe - item skipped.
  Unable to open the file
  Reason: Access is denied. (5L)

The service account must have permission to read all files selected for backup. To configure a service account with proper permissions, refer to Using a service account with datastor.

Alternately, antivirus software may have identified the problem file as a virus, malware, or greyware, and may be preventing the backup from scanning the file, causing the Access is denied (5L) warning, regardless of the service account permissions. In this case, examine the logs of the antivirus software to see if the file in question has been identified as malware there. You can then decide what to do with the file, whether you decide to delete it, or exclude it from antivirus monitoring.