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VSS events 8193 and 12293 cause plan to end with an error

A Computer system protection plan starts but ends a minute later with an error and a warning.

The plan log (Remote Computer > [computer name] > History > View log link in center pane) indicates a VSS error: IDispatch error #8456. WARNING: An error was encountered while creating the volume shadow copy. Reason: The specified object was not found. This error means that Microsoft VSS failed to take a snapshot of your file systems and that the backup job will be unable to backup any files that are opened exclusively by other applications. The most common cause of this error is that VSS has been disabled on one or more of the volumes that are part of the backup (0x80042308).


Further, the application log in Event Viewer indicates VSS events 8193 and 12293. The event indicates "Cannot find anymore diff area candidates for volume \\?\Volume{[guid]}\ where [guid] is the volume guid of the volume having the issue.


You can run the command 'mountvol' at the command line to find the volume guid and its drive letter (run the command prompt window as an administrator).

Next, by opening the 'Shadow Copies' properties page, you confirm that the volume has a diff area defined and seems to have adequate free disk space available. (Open File Explorer > Computer > right click the C: drive (or any drive) and select to 'Configure shadow copies...' from the pop up menu).


However, when checking the configuration of the shadow copy storage area using the vssadmin utility, the output indicates "No items found that satisfy the query." The command is vssadmin list shadowstorage.

The shadow copy storage configuration has been corrupted and must be reset to successfully resume VSS operations.

On the Shadow Copies settings page, toggle the 'Maximum size' radio button from its current setting to the unselected radio button, then click OK to save the change. Repeat for all volumes that are selected for backup. Warning, if shadow copies of the selected drive exist and are listed in the white box of the Shadow Copies properties page, they may be lost permanently after changing the radio button. 


Confirm that the shadow copy storage configuration has been reset by running vssadmin list shadowstorage again at the command line. The output should indicate shadow copy storage for each volume