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Resolving high memory usage in DATASTOR Backup for RDX

High memory usage after software conversion from AccuGuard Server for RDX to DATASTOR may require the search indexer to be disabled

The AccuGuard Server for RDX software included an archive search feature. The DATASTOR software enables the search feature when working with RDX cartridges created with the AccuGuard software. The search feature is no longer enabled with new cartridges prepared for use by the DATASTOR software, due to enhanced deduplication techniques in the DATASTOR software. The feature will be disabled on newly prepared cartridges.

When DATASTOR Backup for RDX is using a cartridge prepared with AccuGuard Server for RDX, high memory usage of the ArchiveIQManager.exe process may occur if the search feature reaches an upper limit to the search index.

To confirm this behavior, open Task Manager > Details tab and review the ArchiveIQManager.exe process. See image.

To disable search on a per cartridge basis, edit the config.xml file located on the cartridge and add the parameter index="0" to the file at the appropriate spot. 

1. View the Objectstore folder on the cartridge. See How to view the Objectstore folder on disk

2. Open the Objectstore{[UID]} folder using Windows File Explorer, then right click Config.xml, and select 'open with...'. Choose notepad.

3. In the <store> tag, add index="0", plus a space, just before the closing /> tag, e.g.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<store alias="Eric" folder="\ObjectStore{dc136434-a358-41f3-80ea-a4dc27f999f3}" id="{dc136434-a358-41f3-80ea-a4dc27f999f3}" type="Object" account="" volumesetid="" treedepth="3" encrypt="0" owner="" compress="0" autoprepare="1" sourcename="" sourceid="" isreplica="0" nostreams="1" compaddr="1" nometafile="1" retentiondays="-1" weeklyretention="" weeklylastday="0" monthlyretention="" quarterlyretention="" yearlyretention="" minrecoverypoints="10" flags="0" maxitems="-1" maxsizebytes="-1" lifedays="30"index="0" />

4. Confirm that there is only one index= entry in the config file with a value of 0 (zero). Click File, then Save As. Save with file name Config.xml, removing any extension notepad may have added. Set Save as type to All Files (*.*), Encoding to Unicode, then click Save.

If the file does not overwrite the existing file due to a security permission, save the file to the desktop, then copy and paste it into the Objectstore{[UID]} folder.

5. Save the edited Config.xml file to the software installation folder under the Cache\Objectstore{[UID]} folder, where [UID] is the same unique id on the cartridge. The installation folder may be C:\Program Files\Tandberg\AccuGuard\...\Client for an upgrade, or C:\Program Files\DATASTOR\DATASTOR Shield for RDX\Client for a clean installation.

6. Delete any file named AiqSearchEngine.xml or AIQSearchIndex.xml present in the the software installation folder under the Cache folder, if present.

7. Reboot.