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Repair Plan History to Display Missing Restore Points

A cartridge or other storage area may have had its task history corrupted, preventing display of its restore points in the software. In this case, you can rebuild the task history using a command line command.

Note: If the cartridge was used on a first installation, then imported on a second installation, restore points from the first installation are not displayed by default on the new system. To display restore points on a cartridge imported from a different installation, go to the Explore view, then uncheck the box 'only show recovery points for this computer' in the View Options box.

You must be running build 9.0.3094.1 or later to rebuild a particular storage task history. Please update to the latest release of the software if needed. Check your Alerts button for an alert to download and update the software if needed.

 In the software, click the Storage/Cartridge button on the left and note the name assigned to the cartridge. This is [the store name] used in the command below.

Steps to rebuild the task history

  1. Insert the cartridge.

       2. Next, open a command prompt as administrator and CD to the installation folder (CD to the 'Client' subfolder). Refer to 

          How to open a command prompt as administrator and change to the installation directory


aiq archive index -store "[the store name]" -rebuild history,clean

Where [the store name] is the name of the storage. An example command for storage named Monday Cartridge would be:

Example: aiq archive index -store "Monday Cartridge" -rebuild history,clean

     3. Hit enter.

Once the command completes, open the software and confirm the results display in the Results view and the calendar restore points display in the Explore view. The restore points should display whether the storage is online or not.